• 4 Tips for Storing Your Car in a Long-Term Storage Facility for a Long Time

    When you find out that you are being transferred overseas for work for an extended period of time, you have to figure out what you are going to do with your vehicle. If you don't want to sell it, consider storing it in a long-term storage facility. The following guide walks you through a few tips for storing your vehicle in a storage facility for an extended period of time. [Read More]

  • How To Save Money On Packaging Supplies

    Shipping boxes can be expensive enough, so you may want to save money where you can. To do that, you can start by making use of some of the following tips for saving money on packaging supplies. Locate Private Sellers Online Some people will purchase a lot of various types of packaging supplies. When they are done moving, they are left with two choices. They can throw all of it away or they can try to sell their used packaging materials in order to earn back a portion of what they spent on it all in the first place. [Read More]

  • Bypassing Shipping Costs When You Own Your Own Business

    When you are ordering things from online retailers, you probably pay a lot in shipping costs, This is especially true when there is a dollar limit that needs to be exceeded for free shipping. However, you can bypass this if you own your own business and operate out of your own home office. Here is how that works. Find the Retailer's "Business Accounts" Tab Many retailers, including Amazon and eBay, have " [Read More]

  • Want To Make Accurate Delivery Easier? Please Write In Romaji

    If you have to ship something to an address in Japan from the United States, it can be tempting to write the address in kanji. You would think that would make the delivery people in Japan happy as they wouldn't have to interpret romaji, even though delivery services there have no trouble with the romanization system. However, it's much better to use romaji for the address even if you're fluent in Japanese and have no trouble writing kanji, for several reasons. [Read More]

  • Packaging Guide For A Beekeeping Business

    Beekeeping can be more than a hobby, it can also help bring in an income. Whether you do it part time for extra cash or turn it into a full time business, figuring out how to package your various products is a must. The following guide can help you develop a custom packaging plan that fits your specific products. Honey The simplest way to sell honey for a small business is by the pint and quart. [Read More]

  • Online Stores: How Intermodal Container Transports Can Help With Customer Shipping

    Starting your own online store comes with a number of obstacles to overcome. Your business is not just reaching out to the local community, it's reaching out to shoppers all over the world. As you start planning out the logistics for your online business, it's important to consider customer shipping options. Getting products to customers in a reasonable amount of time can make a huge difference on satisfaction and repeat orders. [Read More]