Packaging Guide For A Beekeeping Business

Posted on: 14 October 2016

Beekeeping can be more than a hobby, it can also help bring in an income. Whether you do it part time for extra cash or turn it into a full time business, figuring out how to package your various products is a must. The following guide can help you develop a custom packaging plan that fits your specific products.


The simplest way to sell honey for a small business is by the pint and quart. Mason jars in these sizes are the packaging of choice for many beekeepers. To cut down on costs, some beekeepers even institute jar buyback options, which allows customers to bring in their old jars for a discount on their next purchase.

When choosing labels for the jars, opt for a plastic-coated label that won't become damaged by sticky fingers. You want to make sure your business contact info remains clear so the customer can contact you when they need to restock. It's a good idea to list the type of honey in the jar, if it is known. For example, if your bees mainly collected wildflower pollen, label it thus. Some people prefer certain types of honey, so this information helps them make an informed purchasing decision. Also, opt for labels that have an easy to remove adhesive, as opposed to those meant to stay on even when wet. It's easier to reuse jars when the label comes off without a fight.

For larger operations, look into custom packaging. Plastic or glass food grade bottles are available in many sizes. This can allow you to offer smaller sizes, such as 8 or 12 ounce bottles, for stores and specialty markets.

Bath Products

Many beekeepers also market the excess beeswax by turning it into bath products like lip balm, lotion, and solid perfumes.

Small lip gloss pots or even lip balm tubes are available for holding these product types. Lotions often come in small jars or they are sold in bar form. Bar lotions and solid perfumes are best packaged in tins, since these prevent the loss of fragrance.

Have custom labels made for all of your bath products. Your business name and contact information should take center stage, along with any logo you may have. The label also must contain a list of the ingredients in your products

Contact a custom packaging company, such as Crating By Ihi Corp, for more help in choosing the right type of packaging for your beekeeping business.