Jobs You Can Land With A Class A CDL Driving License

Posted on: 30 August 2023

The allure of the open road and the appeal of independence are just a couple of reasons many pursue a career with a Class A Commercial Driver's License (CDL). This license, recognized across states, is a passport to a world of opportunities in the transportation industry. However, obtaining a Class A CDL isn't just about becoming a long-haul trucker. There are numerous job opportunities available.

Over-the-Road (OTR) Truck Driver

Arguably the most recognized job associated with a Class A CDL, OTR truck drivers, or "road warriors," transport goods over long distances—spanning states or even the entire country. These drivers are responsible for ensuring timely delivery, managing logbooks, and maintaining their vehicles. The allure of this role lies in the chance to see different parts of the country while earning a competitive salary.

Flatbed Truck Driver

Flatbed trucking is unique as drivers are transporting oversized loads or freight that won't fit in an enclosed trailer. This includes construction equipment, large machinery, or even lumber. Securing the cargo correctly is a vital skill in this role, given the unique challenges presented by the open design of the flatbed.

Tanker Truck Driver

For those looking for a job with a little more adrenaline, driving a tanker truck might be the answer. These trucks transport liquids, which can range from non-hazardous materials like milk to hazardous materials like chemicals or gasoline. Given the nature of the cargo, tanker truck drivers are often required to have additional endorsements to their CDL.

Refrigerated Freight Driver

Referred to as "reefer drivers" in the industry, these individuals transport perishable goods in temperature-controlled trailers. This job entails managing the refrigeration unit and ensuring the temperature remains consistent to avoid spoiling the cargo. Common items transported include food products, pharmaceuticals, and certain chemicals.

Specialized Freight Transporter

Those who are looking for niche roles in the trucking industry might consider specialized freight transporting. This can involve moving heavy machinery, massive construction equipment, or even transporting live animals. Specialized training is often required, given the unique handling and care needed for such cargo.

Bus Driver

With a Class A CDL, one can also opt for a career as a bus driver. This can involve working for schools, city transit systems, or private companies. While it's a different pace from long-haul trucking, it's an essential role that ensures passengers reach their destinations safely.

Driving Instructor

For those who have ample experience and a passion for teaching, becoming a driving instructor can be a rewarding career. These individuals are responsible for training the next generation of CDL holders, imparting essential skills, and ensuring road safety.

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