Why You Always Want To Use Moving Boxes When Moving

Posted on: 28 February 2023

Are you planning to pack up and move in the near future, but think you can get by with the odd-sized boxes you've been able to gather? This may not be the best idea when it comes to packing up all your belongings. Here are a few reasons why you want to use actual moving boxes. 


One of the main reasons you should use moving boxes is to actually protect what is inside them during a move. Moving boxes are made out of a very sturdy cardboard material that is designed to protect what is inside the box. Boxes that are made out of thinner cardboard may collapse under the weight of a heavy box above it, or easily be punctured by something that slides in the moving truck. This can make it worth spending the extra money on actual moving boxes if you don't have to replace damaged items later.


Moving boxes can help you keep things organized by encouraging you to label what is inside of them. The cardboard is going to be very easy to write on, with empty spots so that you can list the contents of what is inside. This is also going to draw your eye to the same spot on every box when it comes to unloading everything from the moving truck. Using odd-shaped boxes means that the contents are not going to be written in the same spot every time, or the printed exterior will make it hard to find what you've written on it.


It is a lot of work to track down cardboard boxes, and even when you do, they may not work for their intended purpose of moving. Moving boxes makes things incredibly convenient since you can buy them in bulk at several different places. Some stores even allow you to return what you don't use so that you take more than what you think you need to ensure that you have enough boxes on hand.


Moving boxes do not have to be something that you use once and then get rid of. The material is all recyclable, so they will get repurposed if they go into your recycling bin. However, moving boxes are durable enough that you could even donate or sell them to another person, meaning that the whole set of boxes gets used for their intended purpose. Selling your boxes can even cut down on the cost of buying them new. 

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