Online Stores: How Intermodal Container Transports Can Help With Customer Shipping

Posted on: 24 August 2016

Starting your own online store comes with a number of obstacles to overcome. Your business is not just reaching out to the local community, it's reaching out to shoppers all over the world. As you start planning out the logistics for your online business, it's important to consider customer shipping options. Getting products to customers in a reasonable amount of time can make a huge difference on satisfaction and repeat orders. One way to help with your shipping needs is with the use of an intermodal container. This shipping service uses a mix of trucks and railroad stations. It has many benefits when it comes to helping out with your online store orders.

Warehouse Locations

As your online website expands, it may need to house a separate warehouse to handle different types of orders across the country. For example, if your company is located in New England, then you may want to consider opening a warehouse on the west coast. This warehouse can store inventory and quick ship it customers on that side of the country for less shipping rates and faster shipping times. Intermodal container shipping is an ideal way to get the items from one location to the next. You can fill containers with large boxes of inventory. Once they are delivered to the warehouse, the separate items can be individually packaged and prepared for shipment. As your business expands, you may have the opportunity to open up more warehouse locations and expand your shipping options. Once multiple warehouses are opened, you can send out multiple containers on the same shipment so that they reach a variety of areas.

Eliminating Delays

There are peak seasons where your business may be selling more items than usual. For example, your sales may increase between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not only are these popular buying times, but they are also popular driving times for people visiting family and friends. Using pure truck shipments runs the risk of having delays or issues while on the road. When you choose intermodal shipping, a number of these traffic delays can be directly avoided. Trains or boats will run smoothly as they move to deliver your containers to ideal locations. This type of shipping can also help when you are purchasing parts or goods that are used in the manufacturing process of your business.

Bulk Orders

Depending on the type of item that you sell, you may be dealing with a lot of different bulk orders. Bulk order processing can be made a lot easier with container shipping. You can pack more in a single shipment and then arrange pick-up locations for these large deliveries. It will make it easier to track a single bulk order instead of separating the shipment into multiple packages.

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