How To Save Money On Packaging Supplies

Posted on: 25 October 2016

Shipping boxes can be expensive enough, so you may want to save money where you can. To do that, you can start by making use of some of the following tips for saving money on packaging supplies.

Locate Private Sellers Online

Some people will purchase a lot of various types of packaging supplies. When they are done moving, they are left with two choices. They can throw all of it away or they can try to sell their used packaging materials in order to earn back a portion of what they spent on it all in the first place. Simply search online for your local area and you may be able to find some people that are selling packaging materials that you can make use of, such as packing peanuts or bubble wrap.

Make Use Of Things Around The House

If you are shipping something fragile and you want to make sure that it is well protected, you might want to wrap it with some old shirts that you have sitting in the house. You can then stuff all of the empty space in the box with a combination of old newspapers, magazine pages, balls of paper towels, or more old clothes. As long as you are filling in all of the empty space with something soft, the item or items that you are shipping will not bounce around against the sides of the box during shipment. The extra padding also protects the shipped items should the box accidentally get stepped on or banged up by a mail sorting machine.

Stop By The Local Store

Besides the things that you need  to go in the box to protect the items you are shipping, you will also need the sturdy box. Instead of buying a brand new one at the office supply store or post office, you could always find a used free one. Stop by your local stores and ask to speak to a member of their management team. Explain that you are in need of a sturdy box and ask if you could have one of the ones that they empty on their delivery day. All you have to do then is pack it, seal it shut with packing tape, and place a large shipping label to it.

With those three suggestions in mind, you will find that there is no longer a reason to spend too much money on various packaging supplies for shipment. For more information and options, contact a packaging supplier, like Packaging Center Inc.