Bypassing Shipping Costs When You Own Your Own Business

Posted on: 18 October 2016

When you are ordering things from online retailers, you probably pay a lot in shipping costs, This is especially true when there is a dollar limit that needs to be exceeded for free shipping. However, you can bypass this if you own your own business and operate out of your own home office. Here is how that works.

Find the Retailer's "Business Accounts" Tab

Many retailers, including Amazon and eBay, have "business accounts" for those that own and operate their own businesses. Look for the "business acounts" tab on these retailers' websites. Click to open these tabs, then open and register for a business account. Free shipping that might ordinarily not be available to you without a customer membership or placing an order over seventy-five dollars (for example) is now yours. Other retailers might still expect a minimum order amount, but it is usually not as much as the non-membership amount.

Register as a Business Affiliate, Associate, or Partner

Other ways to get free shipping is to sign up as business affiliate, associate, or partner.

  • An affiliate means you have made arrangements to buy and sell your products on the retailer's website, but they own a small piece of your publicly-traded company.
  • An associate means you are charged a small fee to conduct your business through the retailer's website.
  • A partner means that you have partnered with the retailer so that the retailer promotes, sells, ships, and distributes your products and collects a portion of the products' profits for themselves.

Any one of these may also result in free shipping on all of your orders as well, if you are willing to make these kinds of arrangements with the retailers.

Loyalty Shipping Rewards

Although the U.S. Post Office has not quite caught on yet to the customer loyalty rewards craze, other shipping companies have. Some shipping companies now offer discounts and free delivery service after the "x" number of packages shipped and/or received. While this does not give you free shipping all the time, it may be worth it to enroll and use these shipping services to get free shipping on a really large box in the future. Imagine the money you would save on that! Like the other free and reduced shipping services mentioned above, you can sign up online for these services. You should receive a membership number that is tied to your business account when you apply and begin racking up shipping credits right away.

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