4 Useful Features To Look For In Do-Not-Stack Pallet Cones

Posted on: 8 December 2021

Do-not-stack pallet cones are accessories that help you manage pallet stacking more effectively and safely. When a pallet is at maximum capacity, you can put a cone on top to tell people not to put anything else on the stack or not to load another pallet on top of it.

Before you stock up on cones, make sure to buy products with the most useful features. What makes a good do-not-stack pallet cone?

1. Immediate Visibility

Your workers and shipping crews need to be able to see a do-not-stack cone easily. Ideally, they need to be able to spot cones from a distance so that they don't waste time getting to a pallet that is already fully loaded.

Look for cones in bright primary colors with clear messaging. For example, many cones are colored bright red or yellow. This makes them stand out on your pallets. Ideally, a cone's do-not-stack lettering message should also be large and clear to read from a distance, and it should appear on every side of the cone.

2. Lightweight Strength

You might reuse warning cones regularly, so you need them to be sturdy enough to last for a long time. Buying budget cones that will break after a couple of uses is a false economy. Even if you only use cones once when you ship a pallet, the cones need to be strong enough to last the entire journey.

Most do-not-stack cones are made from durable cardboard. This cardboard is reinforced enough to keep the cone intact. However, it is also lightweight enough to not add to the weight of the pallet.

3. Effective Attachment

A do-not-stack cone needs to stay on its pallet. So, look for products that have easy and effective fastening systems. For example, cones often come with flat edges at the bottom so that you can securely tape them down on the top of the pallet. Most cones also have holes on each side. You can use these holes to strap cones to the pallet for a more secure fit.

4. Easy Storage

If you use a lot of do-not-stack cones, then you'll save money by buying in bulk. However, if you do this, you have to find space to store your stock until you need to use it.

Look for flat-packed cones if you can. These products take up less space. You can easily put a cone together when you need to use it.

To find out more, contact shipping product or pallet suppliers and ask about their do-not-stack pallet cone range.