The Advantages of Using Fleet Management Software for Your Busy Fleet

Posted on: 24 March 2022

As the manager of a busy commercial fleet, you have dozens of details to keep track of every day. You must remember what vehicles have been dispatched from your fleet. You also must keep track of where they are going, what time they will be back, and when they will need to be serviced.

It can be challenging to remember all of these details on your own. Instead of trying to commit them to memory or writing them down on a notepad, you can use fleet management software to help you keep track of the dozens of details involved with managing your fleet.

Keeping Track of Dispatched Vehicles

When you download and use fleet management software, you can keep track of the vehicles you dispatch each day. You may send out dozens of vehicles from the fleet every day to make deliveries and service customers. However, you need to remember what ones are sent out so you can ensure they return by the end of the day and remain viable for use the next business day.

The fleet management software may allow you to input the number, make, and model of the vehicles you send out every day. You may also be able to input when the vehicles come back and at what time so you can recall how each vehicle was used each day.

Keeping Track of Drivers

You also may need to keep track of what drivers are out making deliveries or service calls with your fleet vehicles. The fleet management software may permit you to note what vehicle each driver is using and where he or she is going. You can also make a note of when the driver left and at what time he or she returns so you can pay the driver for his or her work.

Tracking Maintenance and Repairs

Finally, the fleet management software can remind you of when it is time to maintain or repair vehicles in your fleet. You may not remember off hand what vehicles need to have their oil changed or tires rotated. You can refer to the fleet management software to pull vehicles out of rotation and make sure they get their scheduled maintenance or repairs.

Fleet management software can help you manage your fleet better. It lets you keep track of what vehicles and drivers are dispatched and out on calls or deliveries each day. It also reminds you of when vehicles need to be maintained or repaired.